What’s in my OTHER BAG by Aldo #TOBbyALDO

It’s time to show everyone what’s in my OTHER BAG! As I mentioned a couple of week’s ago, I was one of several bloggers and online influencers chosen to promote ALDO’s newest venture: The Other Bag. It’s a stylish canvas tote that’s not meant to replace your main designer or vintage purse, but rather accompany it and your busy lifestyle.

It’s the bag where you put your extra pair of shoes, laptop, oversized international magazines and anything else that you can’t live without, but won’t fit in your main bag. For me, I didn’t realize how essential a piece like this could be for my wardrobe. Something fun, easy, stylish and functional that could carry all of my extras. So read on to find out what’s in my Other Bag and make sure to follow along on Twitter and the ALDO FB page! You can also buy one of ALDO’s The Other Bags here!

1. Extra Shoes —As a native New Yorker I always have an extra pair of shoes with me. Even though I drive everywhere now that I live in Los Angeles, I never know if my boss will surprise me with a last minute client meeting or if my husband will take me to a fancy restaurant after work!

2. International Magazines — Ever since New York Fashion Week I have been OBSESSED with international magazines. Industrie, Tank and 10 are some of my absolute favorites. I don’t know if Europeans have bigger bags or stronger arms, but there was no way these oversized titles were fitting in my everyday bags. Hence…The Other Bag!

3. Accessories —Whether it’s my fringe Ash & Dans scarf or an oversized necklace, I always try to keep some cool accessories with me to keep warm and instantly transform my outfits!

4. Make-Up — I hardly wear make-up, but sometimes if I am going to an event after work and know that there will be photographers there I need to freshen up. Usually some bronzer and mascara do the trick!

5. Tech Toys — I’m an Interactive Producer at a Digital Think Tank, and just an overall tech enthusiast, so of course I have my iPad, iPhone and Blackberry with me at all times!

6. Paper Products — See #5? Now forget #5. I love paper products, always have since I was a child. Whether it’s a notebook or a planner, I always have some chic paper products with me so I can jot down ideas for my site and remind myself of meetings.

P.S. On Thursday I will be showing you how I style The Other Bag for work and play, so make sure to check back in! You can follow more of my updates on Twitter too! 


Disclosure: The Icon Concierge was compensated for participating in this campaign.


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