What I Wore – Printed Jacket, Yellow Shorts & Nude Espadrilles to Two Point Oh! LA Picnic

Okay, this title may be a little misleading cause I never actually made it to the picnic, more on that below, however this is what I wore to the general vicinity of the picnic. Now, if you don’t know Two Point Oh! LA is an organization helmed by British fashionista Kelsi Smith. She organizes events for us (bloggers), updates us on upcoming events in LA, negotiates sponsorships for us and basically runs the local fashion scene in Los Angeles. Anyway, every year Two Point Oh! hosts an annual picnic at Griffith Park and this was the first year that I was actually able to go! I will get to what happened below, but first the outfit!

I wanted to show off my new Phillip Lim shorts, and while I know you’re thinking you wore a jacket in the middle of summer?!? Well, it’s cool in LA, or at least high 70s, low 80s.

Anyway, I was torn whether or not to pair these shorts with a long white blazer or a colorful one that would accentuate its deep colors. I chose the ladder. To finish off the look I added some House of Harlow bracelets, my Pour la Victoire wedges and my Ray-Ban sunglasses. Stylish, colorful and cool, right? Well, not quite…read on!

To make a long story short, the picnic was in Griffith Park, and I had never been there before. I also don’t really drive. Okay, I do drive, but little drives. So here I am a NYC girl, who just learned how to drive 2 years ago, traversing a park, which also houses a zoo! When I arrived terrified off the 5 (not too good at merging either) I turned right (shoulda turned left, like the directions said) and from there it all went downhill. After seeing multiple parties for people under the age of 10, and scanning the crowds feverishly for a group of brightly dressed girls with arm parties, I saw none. So, I pull over and look up the directions on my phone. Okay, I got this I thought. Nope! I drive one way up Crystal Springs Drive, pass the zoo, and don’t see anything. Okay, I turn back down and go  all the way up Griffith Drive, nothing and it’s getting deserted. Okay, I turn around and go back all the way up Crystal Springs Drive, so far that I see the other side of the 5. I finally see a park ranger, and ask him where is Fire Road. He looks at me and says, “You’re the fourth person to ask me this, what’s going on there?” I reply, “It’s a fashion blogger picnic.” He looks at me quizzically and repeats slowly, “Faaa–sss–hhh–iion bllll—ooo-ggg–eee-rrr, what?!?” I look back at him quizzically wondering, why is he annunciating every letter like that! Just tell me where Fire Road is… He then says, “Well, there are two, which one are you looking for?” I think…if I knew I probably wouldn’t be lost! He then gives me directions and again I drive ALLLL the way back up Griffith Drive, which is now again Crystal Springs Drive and I’m back at my faithful intersection with all the kiddie birthday parties. This time I drive all the way around the Crystal Springs picnic area while trying not to run over people on small double bikes, but they keep popping up, almost like mice. I felt like I was in a video game. By this time over an hour has passed, and sadly, defeated, I give up. I head back out and (timidly) get back on the 5. When I get home I see all these FB posts, tweets and messages about how awesome the picnic was. Duh, anything Kelsi plans is usually a big hit. Oh well, I guess there’s always next year. Only a New Yorker kiddies, only a New Yorker.

Outfit Details

ASOS Printed Jacket (sold out), Carven Jacket (pictured) here. Also options: Rebecca Taylor, here and Aqua Printed Jacket here.
3.1 Phillip Lim Marigold Pleated Shorts, here.
Pour La Victoire Platforms (sold out), KORS Michael Kors (pictured) here
Wayfarer Sunglasses, here
Pour La Victoire Wedges (sold out), KORS by Michael Kors Wedges (pictured) here
Clutch, Louis Vuitton (vintage), similar here (icon pick), here and here
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