Watch: The Blonds, New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012

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The Blonds was my last show of New York Fashion Week, and my first show at MILK Studios in Downtown New York. From uptown’s Lincoln Center and other downtown locations, MILK had a distinct vibe and sense of cool that the other locations lacked and seemed to eschew. Inside the second floor gallery, where the show was about to take place, the crowd filled in and included fabulous cross dressers, music celebrities (Cassie & Lil’ Kim) and the cast of America’s Next Top Model. Critics from New York Magazine and major dailies were also present and I instantly knew I was in for a huge treat.

When the lights went down, and came up again three fur, crystal and leather clad gentlemen walked out on stage boldly stopping in front of the photographers pit. They were followed by an insanely hot, motorcycle helmet wearing model who fiercely posed, removed her helmet and shook free her modern blond Goldilocks-style mane. The crowd cheered, that was no model, that was Phillipe Blond, one of the designers behind the line.

Known for their amazing stage costumes usually seen on stars like Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Lil’ Kim, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and many more, the show consisted of amazing corset bodices adorned with sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle. What I loved most about the line is that it was fearless. David and Phillipe Blond create first for themselves, then for their clients and then for everyone else. The result was an amazing end to New York Fashion Week and a huge party that ended with David and Phillipe running hand in hand off the stage.

To see the amazing pieces and my exclusive interview with the designers click on PLAY above! You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos like this!

Film Edited by Christian Mroczka
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