Visual Diary – Behind the Scenes – Luisa Via Roma’s Style Lab #Firenze4Ever

So…if you’ve been following my posts for the last week and a half, you know I recently traveled to Florence to attend Luisa Via Roma’s #Firenze4Ever event, and see the fashion at Pitti Immagine. For Luisa’s event, they spoiled us rotten for a weekend. Authentic Italian dinners, a Madonna concert, a rooftop dinner (details on that coming soon), a Superheroes party (cause, duh, bloggers are superheroes) and the main event: our Style Labs.

Dressing up in iconic designer clothes with a hair and make-up team and personal assistant was the ultimate dream. My mother also came along for the trip and was an amazing sport and right hand. Plus, all the bloggers and Luisa staff practically loved her more than me! By the end of the trip, Aimee even called her “mom!”

For my looks I was aiming for ultra luxe with a bit of grunge. I scoured the store for looks I loved (and my size) and slowly my rack kept on filling up with some amazing designers, plush fabrics, animal prints and bold colors. After I picked my looks, my assistant Soultana got me my shoe sizes and I was ready for hair and make-up. I wanted something bold that would compliment the vibrant colors and prints in the clothes that I picked. For my hair I wanted BIG. “Like a tiger?” the hairstylist said. “Like a mini tiger,” I replied. And a mini tiger I got.

I’ll detail the remaining looks that I styled on Wednesday and Thursday, and you can check out my first detailed look here. Oh, and the highlight and low-point of the day? Highlight: having a crowd of onlookers on via Roma cheer me on like a celebrity as I got out of a chauffeured Benz. Low point: getting stuck in a Lanvin dress. Like really, really needed physical help stuck.

And for the first look…it was all about Karl! More details coming on Wednesday, and you can see a preview here.

And for the second look, I wanted ladylike glamour. Get more details on it here.

And the last look, was ultimate grunge. On a display in the store!

…I desperately wanted to find a use for this one…

More to come all this week on my trip to Italy!

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