Video | Karl Lagerfeld debuts new line at

In 37 Days, 16 Hours, 23 Minutes and 15 Seconds, Karl Lagerfeld will debut his new lower-priced womenswear collection exclusively at For the younger woman who adores Karl, is part of the ‘Karl Kult,’ and just wants to dress fabulously (but still has to pay her rent), Lagerfeld has created something especially for us.

Net-A-Porter is pulling out ALL the stops to promote his new line, including news flashes (video below), a special sign-up list and a sneak peek (above). I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been this excited about something since, well, I guess Versace partnered with H&M? However, judging from the preview, this collection is much more sleek, sophisticated and practical. It even looks a bit like, Chanel!

Available only online starting January 25th on and then in February on It will include a full range of pieces and will range in price from $70 and $500.

Mark your calendar ladies, the sure to be iconic collection is now available in … 37 Days, 16 Hours, 2 Minutes and 6 Seconds.

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