Sunday Style Talk: CFDA Nominees, Mid-Range Fashion Bloggers, Hermes Birkin, Fall Bags, Bikini Body, Optimizing Instagram & More

Was your week a little bland? Not much going on except trying to stay cool from the heat? So was mine. I definitely think the biggest news story of the week besides Romney’s taxes was the tragic shooting in Aurora, Colorado. My blog focuses on fashion and celebrities so I’m not going to include it in my round up of Sunday Style Talk, but I thought not mentioning this senseless tragedy would be wrong. On Thursday night I watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight for the first time, on Friday morning I excitedly Googled “batman movie” to see if I could get a last minute ticket. I see, “sales high despite shooting in Colorado.” What?

After reading about it all day (and not seeing the movie) I think what has this world and country come to. So sad, so unnecessary and so scary. How many of us go to the movies on a regular basis? My deepest condolences and prayers go out to the city, families and victims of the Aurora shooting. May we find some sense in this incident.

Sunday Style Talk… the best fashion news from around the web for the week…

1. The Power of Mid-Range Fashion Bloggers (via Independent Fashion Bloggers)

Popular media has taken a particular shining to fashion and personal style blogs of late. Publications like The New York Times, AdWeek, Women’s Wear Daily have touted our community as “the next big thing” and a viable career option for fashion (More, here)

2. Fall Bag Theory (via Manrepeller)

Every season, namely at fashion week the death and subsequent rise of a new accessory manifests itself. Three seasons ago, streets were inundated with the Proenza Schouler PS1, giving more classic silhouettes a run for their utility. The following (More, here)

3. 21 Day Bikini Body Challenge (via

Though it may be tempting to stay up watching the contents of your DVR, studies suggest that getting seven to eight hours of shut-eye a night is necessary to ward off weight gain. Separate research done by the University of Chicago and University of           (More, here)

4. How to Optimize Instagram (via Independent Fashion Bloggers)

Yesterday, Mashable created a guide to choosing the best Instagram filter for your photos. To follow up, we’ve taken it one step further: the fashion blogger Do’s and Don’ts to Instagram. Check out our tips below, and feel free to share your tips         (More, here)

5. Has the Hermes Birkin Lost Its Appeal (via Forbes)

For all the stories of waiting lists and the $10,000 price tag, is the Hermes Birkin still the mother lode of handbags when every other woman at lunch is armed with one? This is true in Asia, especially in Hong Kong and Singapore, where Birkin bags are (More, here)

AND, here’s an extra one…the list of the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists….here

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