Sunday Style Talk: Anna Dello Russo, Bloggers & Agents, Stylists as Bloggers, A Nasty Gal & Travel Diaries!

Wow, what an amazing week. After a whirlwind three weeks of traveling, I am finally home again in LA. My first stop was NYC, from there to Florence for Firenze4Ever and then the Bay Area to visit my husband’s family. While my apartment may be a disaster I did have the chance to catch up with my favorite blogs and fashion news sites. Here are the best reads (in my opinion) from around the web on fashion for the week!

1. Wendy’s Lookbook: Travel Diary Part II :: The hunt & Unforgettable Memories

Today is Part 2 (Part 1 here) with a section dedicated to shopping, which I call “The Hunt.”  But before I continue, I greatly appreciate your kind words on my last blog post!  It was a dream come true to be in Italy and thank you so much for letting me share. (More, here).

2. Independent Fashion Bloggers: Why Fashion Bloggers Don’t Need Agents

f I had signed with an agent, I could 100% guarantee you IFB would not be where it is today. With a team of five, on the verge of a total website relaunch which you’ll see in July, the IFB Conference twice a year, and so much more in the works. Of course, agents (More, here).

3. Business of Fashion: The Creative Class | Natalie Joos

NEW YORK, United States — Casting agents are typically a behind-the-scenes bunch whose hand in selecting the right faces for runway shows, editorial pages and advertising campaigns is largely invisible to the untrained eye. But get-up-and-go Natalie Joos is (More, here).

4. Fashion Telegraph UK: Inside the limo with Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is a veteran Italian fashion editor who has become an internet superstar thanks to her exhibitionist penchant for classic high-fashion and extreme hats. During the last few days at the Milan menswear collections she has been on the front (More, here).

5. Forbes: Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso: Fashion’s New Phenom

Ten young women dressed in a catwalk-ready mix of denim fringe vests, short shorts, neon sheer tops and 5-inch platform boots are clustered in a downtown Los Angeles conference room on a recent morning. They take turns doing introductions in between (More, here).

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