Street Style Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013 – Day 1

Here we go! Street style from day one (and two) of Paris Fashion Week and what do we have on the streets? The best place to find real fashion. Lots of adorned sunglasses, colors, a few feathers and bold lips…the French know not of the nude lip. So enjoy the pics and come back tomorrow for a second installment! Oh, and keep reading cause I have funny and shopping notes under each pic…do you get that on Didn’t think so!

Need to buy adorned shades…

Need to find a feather shawl…

Love the lady in the middle. It’s an updated school girl look. And that yellow trench…I need!

Taking ombre highlights to new lengths! 

This guy smiled just for me…he really didn’t have to! But loving his textures!

I just love a good ginger…

Matching bowl haircuts! So cute, French and chic! 

Is that a rose on your behind Miss?

Some models after the Guy Laroche show…tres chic! Loving that eye make-up! 

Don’t remember her name or blog, but she has an awesome one and she’s based in Brazil…

 P.S. In case you didn’t know The Icon Concierge has gone global this Fashion Month and we’re in Paris for all the shows make sure to get live updated by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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