New York Fashion Week: The Editors Cheat Sheet

In case you missed our big announcement, The Icon Concierge is attending New York and London Fashion Weeks this season. As promised we’ll be releasing teasers, cheat sheets and more this week leading up to the big events. First up, the editors, a group of people you should know, and who I personally will be looking out for, if even just to catch a glimpse. These five individuals are at the top of their game and include magazine editors, bloggers and reporters. Read on to learn who these people are, why they are so important to the fashion industry and why I have such industry crushes on them and their careers!

Anna Dello Russo — If you see a woman walking down the streets of NYC with a brass apple on her head do not call Bellevue, or even Rachel Zoe, it’s probably Anna Dello Russo. This stylist and former magazine editor hasn’t missed a fashion week in over 20 years. Divorced, the couture obsessed Russo has a separate apartment for her clothes in Italy where she resides. She also strongly dislikes wearing anything twice, does Yoga every morning, doesn’t believe in plastic surgery and has a small dog. I am beyond obsessed with her blog and she is a street style favorite. Will definitely be looking out for her front row at all the shows!

Joe Zee — Up until a couple of year’s ago, Joe Zee was probably best known for his role on Whitney Port’s The City on MTV. However, this fashion veteran has been working behind the scenes at Elle magazine for almost 20 years. Last year his hit show, All On The Line, debuted on The Sundance Channel and was been picked up for additional seasons. A huge fan of digital innovations, bloggers and video, Joe Zee is man I would like to be locked in a room with for an hour, and not for the reason you may think.

Cathy Horyn — Another industry veteran and author of the popular New York Times Style blog, On The Runway, Horyn is seen at almost all the shows worldwide, year round. She doesn’t wear sunglasses, dress in vibrant clothes or have a styling contract on the side. She provides witty, intelligent and consistent commentary weekly, and I for one, am constantly checking out her site.

Bryan Boy — God given name: Bryan Grey Yambao. Is a Filipino fashion blogger who shot to stardom due to his vibrant photos, quirky style, partnerships with major brands and witty writing. He is a staple around the fashion scene, and as stylish as he is sassy!

Anna Wintour — If you don’t know who Anna Wintour is, I am super flattered that you’re reading my site. Sitting at the helm of the most influential fashion publication in the world, Wintour does more than oversee the covetable pages of Vogue. She also supports local and national causes, new designers and Barack Obama! If I see her at NYFW, which I am sure I will, I might have a fashion heart attack, however it will be okay, and it will all be worth it.

Disclaimer: While I am super excited to see and possibly meet all of the above mentioned fashion royalty, I will NOT be running up, gawking or asking for autographs. Afterall, I am an editor too.


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