New York Fashion Week Countdown: Top 5 Wish List

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share a quick and fun post with you all about my New York Fashion Week ultimate wish-list! Here are 5 things that I may or may not be bringing with me to the big apple, but definitely want to! What’s on your NYFW wish list? Leave a comment below or tweet me @Icon_Concierge. Read on for Where to Shop info!

The Statement Necklace

Wear with a tank, a silk blouse or with all black. I promise you, you’ll be making a statement—even if it’s just, “stare at me.” Erickson Beamon, available here.

The Oversized Tote

If I spend on ANYTHING, it’s a good bag. I’d rather go hungry than not have a bag I love. Well, you know I love animal print, and you know I love color, so when I saw this beauty by Balenciaga I almost fell out of my chair (okay, maybe I did, so what). Balenciaga, available here.

The Clutch

Although I don’t know how practical a clutch would be for a fashion blogger during NYFW, it’s worth a try. Hey, you never know what dinner you may have to pop into. You don’t want to be schleping a huge bag do you? Well, if it’s that Balenciaga beauty above… 3.1 Phillip Lim, available here.

The New Trench

Here’s another item that made me say the “s” word. Everyone knows that everyone needs a good trench. Whether it’s to surprise unsuspecting NY-ers with a flamingo, or just feel French, it’s a necessity. Add some animal print, a leather trim, a pop of yellow and baby you’ll get an “A” in style. Rebecca Minkoff, available here.

The Burgundy Shoe

While I thought it would be burnt orange, burgundy seems to be the color du jour. Rich, exciting and mysterious, you need to add something burgundy to your wardrobe now, or else! Or else what? Nothing, it’s just fashion. Edmundo Castillo, available here.

More Options

I’ll have a full update on my September fashion month plans for you next week! And if you’ve read this far in my post you deserve to know that I’ll be hosting an IFB panel!

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