My Armor: Snow White & The Huntsman Inspired Style

You know that jacket, shoe or pin you wear when you have to go to something really important? The piece that always gets you the job, gig or guy? Well for me it’s my gold Wren Aya jacket that I purchased from Revolve Clothing in late 2010. It’s come with me to a LOT of internship and job interviews, and more than anything just been a great source of support.

When I put it on, it’s like BAM, here I am, I have arrived. It’s an instant bolt of confidence, and when I wear it, I usually get the job. So how does this relate to Snow White & The Huntsman? Well, after Snow White (Kristen Stewart) makes the resolution to take back her kingdom, she changes out of her prison clothes (which, by the way, were very stylish) and into a maille suit. Does she recapture her kindgom and defeat the evil Queen Ravenna? I can’t say, but I will say that Universal has confirmed a sequel! So make sure to get your tickets and see the film! It opens this Friday!

Below are some more shots of my jacket. Unfortunately, it’s sold out everywhere, but check out these similar styles here and here. It also kinda looks like the awesome mirror/mirror man in the film!

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