Mathieu Mirano – Exclusive Interview – New York Fashion Week FW2012

Mathieu Mirano may be new to the fashion scene, however his second collection, and first presentation at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, screamed veteran. The young and ambitious designer showed off a daring and exquisite collection of socialite day wear and celebrity red-carpet gowns adorned with hand-sewn sequins, textured leathers and stellar details. The Icon Concierge was fortunate enough to score an exclusive interview with the designer and learn more about his amazing designs, the inspiration behind the collection and his favorite piece—yes he has one!

ICON: What inspired this collection?

MM: Women and the dragons they ride. Losing their home to a vast forest fire, a tribe of dragon riding women take to the skies to find a new place to settle. In transit, they are wiped out through the trials of mother nature. Shifts in color and form create different moods throughout the collection, allowing for a multidimensional experience.

ICON: What does it mean to you to show at NYFW?

MM: It’s wonderful that I can show in such a public arena and be recognized as a designer in the New York fashion community. It allows the work to be viewed on a completely new level. It’s not just going to be seen by just me anymore; now the world has a chance to see what I do and how I do it. I’m here to make a significant difference in the landscape of fashion, and this is one of the first steps.

ICON: What was your favorite piece or theme in your collection?

MM: My favorite piece would have to be a completely embroidered sun ray sequin jacket. It’s covered with beautiful gold and black sequins, bursting out in a swirl pattern while the sequins change in size. It’s pretty magnificent.

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