IFB Conference New York Fashion Week: The People, The Fashion & The Top 5 Tips!

Every fashion blogger knows that in addition to all the shows during New York Fashion Week, the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference is an important kick off event that aims to educate and inform bloggers about new advances in our medium, new ways to interact with audiences and tips on how to attract more advertisers. Organized by  Jennine Jacobs of The Coveted and held bi-annually at MILK studios in downtown Manhattan, the event attracted a flurry of fashions bloggers both established and upcoming.

This season there were four panels: What Are Bloggers Worth, Media Goes Mobile, Your Blog: Your Dream of Just the Beginning and Making Your Blog irresistible. The attendees on the panels included fashion media heavyweights such as a Bryan Boy, Aliza Licht, Macala Wright and many others. The room was filled with established and aspiring bloggers as well as media representatives from top brands and online publications. Everyone dressed in their best fashion blogging and New York Fashion Week gear that included: fur, color, animal prints and more fur. Check out some of my pics above and below were the top 5 tips from the panel.

1. Be authentic. Readers will know when you’re not and leave your site, perhaps forever, to visit other blogs that don’t conform to the norm and offer unique content.

2. Specialize in what you know. Whether its plus size fashion or DIY, write about what you know, and love to do it.

3. Market Your Content. Whether it’s through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, find your holy grail of attracting visitors and promote your content through that channel or multiple ones to attract new readers.

4. Pinterest. The Icon Concierge is on Pinterest already, but after hearing multiple bloggers on the panels praise it over and over again as a unique and genuine way to build constant and loyal traffic, we’re definitely picking up our game on the photo sharing application, and you should too!

5. Editorial Calendar. Create an editorial calendar that you can stick to and that your readers will learn to expect and look forward to!

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