How Music Inspires Fashion: The Ultimate Collaboration

The duo behind Nina Sky represent two style architypes; the “New York City Girl” and the menswear inspired “boy meets girl” look. In honor of ORGNL TV, Stoli asked me to share my music and fashion inspirations…

What woman doesn’t remember getting dressed to the latest pop-song as a teenager? What woman doesn’t still get dressed to that same song sometimes, or remember what she wore when that special song comes on the radio? Music and fashion are always intertwined, and always inspiring one another. As I wrap up my fashion month coverage, I cannot think of one show that went on without fashion, or one designer that I interviewed who didn’t cite music as one of their inspirations. As fashion favorites like Lana del Rey and Azealia Banks arise, so do their tunes on the runways across the world. New artists, inspiring new collections, and in turn, those artists wearing those designs—on stage, in the street and for appearances.


Back in the normal world, most women are the same. Taking their fashion cues from musicians, or using a song to inspire what they’ll wear in the morning to work. Beats, tunes and even voices mirror fashion like fabric, color and cut. Distinct, discerning and decisive. I don’t know one fashion enthusiast from Rachel Zoe to the latest blogger who doesn’t cite music as an influence in their life. Plain and simple, music is one of the biggest influencers of fashion.

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