Exclusive Launch: Collection II of Bande des Quatres w/ Erin Wahed

One of The Icon Concierge’s favorite jewelry collections, Bande Des Quatres recently launched their second collection last Friday. Building upon the success of their first collection, lead designer Erin Wahed (an early twenty-something year old and recent NYU-graduate), decided to re-vamp her website to include e-commerce, film a promotional video and shoot a fantasy-filled editorial shoot. The new collection, aptly titled Collection II Architecture, is a collaboration between herself, the creative eye, and world-renowned Canadian jewelry designer Janis Kerman (also her mother). As if this young lady weren’t busy enough, we bugged her for a quick interview in which she further detailed her second collection and what she hoped to achieve with it.

A young art aficionado, Erin is always seeking out new ways to interpret, translate and relate art to her collections. Each of her pieces is envisioned as “wearable architecture,”  and is a unique fusion of complex geometric “techno meets Bauhaus” artistic alliteration.

Below Erin gives us a more in depth look at her new collection!

ICON: What inspired your second collection?

EW: In our first collection, inspired by The Bauhaus, my research unveiled the strong link between the Bauhaus aesthetic and Architecture.  As we were preparing the first collection, in the background was this connection to Architects which ultimately comes out in this second collection.  Like the first collection, all the pieces are named after specific Architects whose aesthetic, lines and vision are directly responsible for our inspiration.

ICON: What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve encountered in designing and releasing your second collection?

EW: This collection required many more sit downs amongst myself and the Studio in Montreal.  Because of the Architectural influence there was much more three-dimensionality involved in the construction of the pieces. For example, with Libeskind, the question was, “How will we succeed in getting the triangle to sit on the finger at the exact angle that we want without seeing the band, once again creating the illusion that was so essential to the first collection?” There was a much greater need for engineering considerations in each of the piece’s construction, which the Studio is fantastic at.

ICON: Your pieces are now available in your own e-commerce store; why did you decide to make your pieces directly available on your site, rather than stick with wholesale sales methods?

EW: Once we were adding Collection II, the opportunity was there to redesign the website and to also introduce e-commerce. With the first collection, our goal was to introduce our concept.  Sales were not the major focus but fortunately we had a very good response to the line, both with the press and sales.  While creating the second line, we decided to consider guiding the sales more in house because of the amount of interest we received from diverse geographical locations we could not reach otherwise.  For now shipping is limited to the US and Canada.

ICON: What type of girl should be wearing your new collection?

EW: Our experience has shown us that our clientele is both male and female, aged 20′s to 80′s.  We have no limitations when we design and feel that these pieces are not a trend, but more of a classic piece that anyone into design, fashion, architecture and the arts will be attracted to.  Because each piece is hand made, built from raw materials by master goldsmiths in our studio, the ultimate client is receiving a fine crafted piece of jewelry that is timeless. Because every piece is made to order, our studio is also able to cutomize
specific pieces to satisfy client’s request.

Make sure to check out BANDE DES QUATRES promotional video, their e-commerce store and brand new website. Also, if you’re a social media junkie like me, make sure to LIKE them on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

www. bandedesquatres.com 

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