Exclusive Interview: Nicole Miller on All On The Line, Fashion Bloggers and Returning to her Roots

When veteran designer Nicole Miller was filmed for Joe Zee’s All On The Line, she had no idea what was in store for her. An honest look at her famous yet static line prompted the designer to return to her roots and showcase her everyday looks and early sportswear work that put her on the fashion map. The result? A runway show filled with fashion bloggers, exuberantly positive reviews and a new perception of her iconic line.

Showcasing color, geometric prints and a killer leather bomber jacket, Miller revisited what first drew fans to her designs, and shelved her Collection and evening wear pieces for her Spring/Summer 2012 show. It was a gutsy move that paid off in dividends and re-invigorated her profile on the designer scene. As Nicole Miller gears up to complete with the likes of Jason Wu, Rebecca Minkoff and Proenza Schouler, she has one thing on her side, experience, and a new set of clients lining up to dress in Miller wear. Everyday girls, who work, go to casual dinners and enjoy dressing up, without looking dressed up.

Below Ms. Miller agreed to participate in a short, exclusive interview for The Icon Concierge that details her experience on All On The Line and previews what’s to come next in her enviable fashion career!

ICON: Nicole Miller is a brand we all know, however not many of us know how you got started as a designer, can you share that story?

NM: I studied at RISD and at L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris – that is where I got my strong foundation. From there I interned for a few designers. Finally ending up with my current CEO Bud Konheim. This is the only place I have worked!

ICON: What’s your favorite part about being a designer?

NM: I love watching a garment take shape from idea, to sketch, to pattern to finally being on the rack!

ICON: You were recently featured on All On The Line with Elle magazine’s Joe Zee on the Sundance channel, was that a exciting, challenging or scary?

NM: A little of all! I had no idea it took so much time and energy to film one episode! You also have no idea what the final product will be with all the editing that takes place.

ICON: Were you surprised to learn how influential fashion bloggers have become in setting the tone for today’s trendy women?

NM: Not really. Online and digital has been the trend for years now – it only makes sense that consumers want their fashion news that much faster!

ICON: Now let’s get back to your amazing clothes! Your day wear aside, you make fantastic evening gowns for women of all ages, what do you always aim to highlight when creating fancy attire?

NM: I want women to feel and look beautiful. I am a material junky – I am always at new mills looking at new and innovative materials – anything interesting or unusual usually finds its way into an evening gown design of mine.

ICON: As we all know now, you also make great everyday wear, what is that thought process like for you? What type of woman should be wearing at least one piece of Nicole Miller per day?

NM: I design for all types, sizes, ages and occupations of women! Some women need to wear sheaths and pencil skirts in the office – I have those. Some others need only nice sweaters, tops or leggings in the classroom – I have those too.

ICON: Moving forward what can we expect from Nicole Miller? On the runway, in stores or on the streets?

NM: Tons more of my new label Artelier – I want to keep expanding sportswear!

The Icon Concierge would like to thank Ms. Miller, MHA Media and her team in NY for facilitating this interview. And make sure to look out for her pieces on the red carpet this awards season.

You can purchase Nicole Miller at fine retailers nationwide and online at



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