Exclusive Interview: My T-Shirt w/ Tomas Lanza

My T-Shirt is a fun and comical line of tee shirts by Italian designer Tomas Lanza. Featuring iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Jessica Parker, Johnny Depp and everyone in between on prints with with funny clown like additives.  Comfy, stylish and again, just fun, when I first ran across this line I just HAD to interview the brilliant designer behind it. Enter Tomas Lanza, who replied to my interview request before his publicist, and happily answered my questions about his history, inspiration and more.

So take a look below at his designs, visit his site and read the interview to learn more!

ICON: Tell us about your history and how you got started as a designer.

TL: I have been living alone and travelling around the world since the age of 16. Curiosity made me see different places, cultures, artistic movements and that’s how you learn to appreciate differences. I’ve always been interested in contemporary art and particularly in street art, thus, after having worked in several areas, I felt like undertaking a new
challenge… that’s how My T-shirt was born. Life is a Circus was born. It’s not a point of arrival but a point of departure! I grow by constantly testing myself and if I don’t do that, continuously changing, I’ll just lose my motivation and energies.

ICON: You create some pretty cool T-shirts around celebrities and icons in the fashion industry, what inspires you?

TL: Everything is inspiration for me: music, cinema, fashion, actuality, art in general. Every single person who left a mark in the collective imaginary. I like to take these images and give them a new interpretation with my irreverent mood.

ICON: What’s the process like for you when you create a new design?

TL: The process is collecting lots of material (photos, pictures, music, etc.), select it and give it my interpretation. The inspiration always arrives when you are not working.

ICON: What have been some of your favorite collections and why?

TL: My favorite collection is always the next one. When I create one, I always have already the next one in my mind, so I’m not able to say which one I prefer.

ICON: What’s your bestselling style?

TL: All the Circus and Joker prints are the bestselling and the most representative for
the brand.

ICON: What’s next for you and My T-shirt?

TL: My future is always an uncertainty. My T-shirt. Life is Circus is in continuous growth and we keep on working to maintain its style. The idea is to develop my own collection characterized by my “rock & rebel” mood.


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