Exclusive Interview: Lorena Sarbu Evening Designs

A passion for fashion, pardon the cliche, started at a young age for Romanian born designer Lorena Sarbu. While dressing her dolls at a young age she imagined vibrant colors and regal dresses that would later go on to comprise her eponymous collection. A rising New York name and Hollywood red carpet label, Sarbu saw her dreams to fruition by eventually moving to the States and studying at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago.

However, it was in New York where she eventually launched her company and began designing a collection of sexy, sophisticated and modern evening wear that is now seen on A-list celebrities at every major industry event. Ms. Sarbu was nice enough to sit down with The Icon Concierge and give us an exclusive interview on how she got started, her dream client and what she would be doing if she weren’t a designer.

ICON: Tell our readers how you got started as a designer.

LS: Fashion has always been my passion. I started making clothes for my dolls and friends and was inspired and taught by my Romanian great-grandmother. I moved to Chicago from Romania and studied Fashion and Business Merchandising. I opened two stores acted as a buyer for them before I launched my first collection in NY!

ICON: You’re originally from Europe, how does that influence your design aesthetic?

LS: Being from Europe influences my style a lot. The collection reflects a European sensibility; it’s feminine yet edgy. Plus, by traveling I get a lot of inspiration. Europe is wonderful. Prague is an exceptionally inspirational city for me, and is one of my favorite places to visit. I buy a lot of art there.

ICON: What type of woman wears Lorena Sarbu designs?

LS: The type of woman who wears my dresses is not one who is afraid of being noticed, in fact, she wants to stand out and make a statement. She is feminine, yet edgy. She is a world traveler and needs a dress for each occasion. She is the type of woman who is always sending a message and exudes timeless elegance.

ICON: Who is your dream celebrity client?

LS: My dream celebrity clients would be Angelina Jolie, Diane Kruger and Penelope Cruz.

ICON: If you weren’t a designer what else would you be doing?

LS: If I weren’t a fashion designer, I would be a therapist.


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