Exclusive Interview: Italy’s Finest MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti

I love discovering and sharing new brands. Specially ones that may be making a big splash overseas in some of my favorite European cities like Milan and Paris. Today I bring you MSGM. The brainchild of Massimo Giorgetti and the Paoloni Group. The brand is chic, young, sophisticated and insanely on-trend. While preparing this story I had several fashion-gasms and I hope you do too!

Read on to learn more about Mr. Giorgetti, MSGM and what inspires this young fashion genius!



ICON: Tell our readers briefly about MSGM.

MG: MSGM is a fashion brand born in 2008 and created by Massimo Giorgetti. It’s young and fresh and it intrigues people with its touch of contemporary style.

ICON: As a skilled DJ, what prompted you to start a fashion line?

MG: I always had a deep passion for fashion, so that it was quite easy for me to mix these two ingredients of my life: music and fashion. I think they are very close worlds, representing a great expression of art.


ICON: MSGM is eclectic and high fashion all at the same time, what inspires
you when you design pieces?

MG: Music of course is where I take inspiration from, but I also have to say that inspiration is everywhere around me… in my travels, in my books, in the people I meet…

ICON: What type of woman wear MSGM?

MG: A confident woman, who wants to express herself with a special touch of creativity,  and loves fashion.

ICON: I absolutely love your fusing of bright colors, tweeds and zippers, specially for blazers, what spurs that type of creativity?

MG: Well… I think it comes from my love for colors, that I love to emphasize with some details that usually are hidden.

ICON: What’s next for MSGM? You’re already distributed heavily throughout Europe, but when will you be coming to the states?

MG: We already are in U.S.… but of course our goal is to grow there constantly.

ICON: Tell our readers something about you as a designer and person that most people do not know…

MG: I love to cook… it relaxes me!

ICON: Of course! What Italian doesn’t like to cook!



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