Exclusive Interview: Iconic Designer Rebecca Taylor

Designer Rebecca Taylor is known for kittenish designs and ultra feminine prints. The New York based fashion icon is a favorite amongst stylish twenty year-olds, sophisticated teens and older women who pair her separates with great basics. Transcending age barriers, it’s no wonder Taylor has climbed to the top of the style pyramid as a household name.

The Icon Concierge was fortunate enough to sit down with Taylor and ask her how she got started, what inspires her and find out what a typical day leading up to New York Fashion Week is like.

Also, you can watch our video of her Fall/Winter 2012 show during New York Fashion Week on our video page!

ICON: How did you get started as a designer?

RT: I started out working in costume design in NZ, and continued on to NZ design school and the day after I graduated I moved to NYC. I started working for a design house on 7th Ave and the rest is history….

ICON: Your designs are insanely feminine, kittenish and inherently sexy…how do you capture all these looks season after season and still remain trendy and relevant?

RT: I think it’s important to design with your girl in mind, and that’s what I do every season. I want to create looks that my girls want to wear and feel sexy and cool.

ICON: Where do you draw inspiration from?

RT: Inspiration for me comes from so many different places. Books, TV, museums, music, the studio, New York City.

ICON: What is your favorite part about being a designer?

RT: Going shopping and calling it work!

ICON: When you started out, were you expecting, or hoping for this type of recognition and praise as a designer?

RT: I am just really happy to be doing what I love. It’s such a compliment to be recognized and praised as a designer by the industry and RT acolytes. You always hope to be successful growing up, but I feel truly blessed to be where I am.

ICON: What is it like to prepare for New York Fashion Week? Can you walk us through a
typical day leading up to the big show?

RT: A typical day starts out by dropping my children off at school, then I get into the office at 9AM. I  meet with the stylist to discuss the looks from the style out and we’ll have a meeting with our model caster at 11AM to discuss the models for the season. A DJ meeting at 12PM to talk about show music and then we will have model go sees from 12-3PM and in between I will be meeting with my design team to talk about changes and oversee fittings. Then at 4PM I will have a press appointment with a TV film crew to show an exclusive behind the scenes sneak peak. After that it’s back to work on the collection. I will leave at 8:30PM (if it’s a good night) and go home to put my kids to sleep and have dinner and a glass of wine with my husband.

ICON: Who are some other designers, both past and present, that you look up to?

RT: Coco Chanel and Miuccia Prada.

ICON: What can we expect from the Rebecca Taylor line moving forward?

RT: Modern, feminine clothes.


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