Exclusive Interview: Erin Barr A New Type of Couture

Sometimes you come across a line that inspires you. It takes you to new heights in your imagination of fashion, what it can be and what it should look like. That’s how I felt when I first saw Erin Barr’s designs on Refinery29′s top new designers to watch. Barr’s designs were innovative, unique, high-fashion and yet pliable—a new kind of couture. I wanted to know about her, her inspiration for the line and where she sees her career going…cause to me if she plays her cards right she should be joining the all-boys club of Altuzarra, Wang and the Schouler boys. All she needs now is an “it” bag, right?

So where does Erin come from? Will she be making waves in the fashion industry for decades to come? This former hair and make-up artist tells all in an exclusive interview for The Icon Concierge.

ICON: You used to be a hair and make-up artist, how and why did you decide to move into fashion?

EB: For me, it was an easy decision, because I thought, ‘What do I have to lose?’ I really felt that I just wanted more; I wanted to create and be creative on a bigger scale; to create the whole look. Growing up, I was always getting fashion magazines, and I remember I would create these entire scrapbooks full of fashion photography and inspiration. I guess I’ve just been really inspired by fashion my whole life; enamored by it.

ICON: Your line is super new, but you’ve already garnered some great press, how does
that feel?

EB: It’s wonderful! It’s exciting to see and hear that other people are excited
about the line. It’s very motivating.

ICON: Your debut collection for the Spring 2012 season was called, “An American Tomboy in Paris,” what inspired it?

EB: For SS12, I was really into the idea of taking the simplicity of American style, and combining it with the classic, French, chic style. I would imagine this American tomboy, literally roaming around the streets of Paris. She’s classy, but simple; a ‘no-fuss’ attitude, but she’ll also hop on the back of a motorcycle and just look effortless. I also pulled in a little of that American western attitude to really throw it for a greater curve.

ICON: What type of woman wears Erin Barr?

EB: The Erin Barr woman is strong and confident, and has an appreciation for finer things and an eye for creativity. She likes the idea of being able to go from day to night, without too much preparation.

ICON: Any celebrities you’d love to dress?

EB: Let’s see…. Just to name a few… Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Kate Moss (or just all the Kates in the world), Joan Smalls, Kim Gordon, and Grimes! Oh, and Patti Smith in an EB button-down would be incredible.

ICON: What’s next for Erin Barr? Where do you want to see your line going in the future?

EB: Next, we will debut our Spring/Summer 2013 collection during NYFW! I am very excited for this. It’ll be so rewarding to see all of this come together. And in the future, I would really like to see the line becoming more accessible to more people, and eventually on a more global scale. But it’s about taking what you can handle and really catering to your customer, so I am always focused on that.


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