Attending New York and London Fashion Weeks this Season!

I have a BIG announcement to make, that some of you may or may not know, depending if you follow us on Facebook and Twitter or not (you should be following!). However, I will be attending this season’s New York and London Fashion Weeks! While I am from New York City originally, and my mother works for a British company, these trips that I have taken so many times from LA, since moving here in 2004, will be extra special.


This whole week in addition to our regular content, which will be awesome, I will be releasing cheat sheets, wardrobe picks and general tips and ideas. I may even release my schedule! However, I will using Instagram, Pose, Twitter, Tumblr and of course Facebook to keep you updated, so make sure you’re following on all of our additional channels listed below!

Tumblr –

Twitter – @Icon_Concierge

Facebook – IconConcierge

Instagram – @The_Icon_Concierge

Pose – @TheIconConcierge

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