American Express Skybox Experience – New York Fashion Week

On a cloudy Friday afternoon in Los Angeles as I contemplated my final outfit choices for New York Fashion Week, I got an excited email from my GLAM account executive. It read, “You’ve been exclusively selected to attend New York Fashion Week with American Express and experience all of their exclusive card member services for the week, can you join us? We need you in New York by Monday night.”

My heart twirled, my jaw widened and my eyes popped! I replied, “Yes, yes I can be there in six hours.”

When I arrived in New York (on Monday night), a chauffeured Mercedes-Benz picked me up from JFK and brought me to my house in the city. The next day I was at the chic Lambs Club for an exclusive breakfast with the GLAM team, AMEX executives and other fashion editors from various publications. They introduced us to the program, gifted us with major swag and then sent us off into the winter cold. Fed, happy and beyond excited I was prepared to experience New York Fashion Week like never before.

One of the main attractions of the AMEX services during New York Fashion Week is the Skybox. A literal box perched on top of the runways at Lincoln Center, which give AMEX card members an unobstructed and exclusive view of the action on the runway. Oh, and if you’re watching the show from below, even if you’re Anna Wintour, you can’t see us. The box is tinted—it’s that iconic, and we’re that cool.

Inside the box, where you are escorted (in fact, I’m being escorted everywhere I go this week by the AMEX team), you can sip champagne, have an espresso shot, a snack, a meal or if you ask I’m sure a new kidney. Two rows of plush tufted ivory seats line the box on each side, and in the middle are fresh flowers, an AMEX sign and two seats for interviews CNN style. When you sip the last of your drink someone is there to immediately refill or remove it; and the host, Lottie Oakley (a former Vogue employee), introduces herself to everyone.

When the curtains are drawn, and the shows begin (in my case BCBGMaxAzria), the lights dim in the box and you get to experience fashion week as very few others do. Afterwards, AMEX hosts special interviews and Q&A sessions with the designers of the shows or special industry folk. In my case it was CFDA CEO, Steven Kolb, who talked Michelle Obama, Jason Wu and supporting the fashion industry and designers from a business perspective.

Afterwards, I was escorted back out to the lobby of Lincoln Center, and then escorted to my car where I met my driver a Chris. A southern gentleman from North Carolina who zips me around the city in a jiffy—it’s the first season that I’m always on time.

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