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Alejandro Ingelmo's Futuristic Shoes - Fall/Winter 2013 - New York Fashion Week

Lets get some shoes. Tall shoes. Short shoes. Shiny shoes. Furry shoes. I want your shoes.These were my thoughts as I attended the Alejandro Ingelmo F/W presentation during New York Fashion Week at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

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Blindfolds and Bosoms at Alexandre Herchcovitch - New York Fashion Week

Alexandre Herchcovitch. Alexandre Herchcovitch. “Are you here for Herchcovitch?” If there was ever an up and coming rock star designer with a following it is Alexandre Herchcovitch. To get into his New York Fashion Week show felt similar to what I can assume it was like to see The Beatles. There’s a line here.

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Fly Away this Season with Monika Chiang - New York Fashion Week

“I kept having this reoccurring dream. I was running and running. I’m running as fast as
I can until I take off into flight.” – Monika Chiang

Monika Chiang’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection for New York Fashion Week inspires us to take flight. From the high hair, to the deep smoky birdlike makeup, we wander into Monika Chiang’s dream and never want to leave.

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Erin Barr - New York Fashion Week - Fall / Winter 2013

Erin Barr’s woman is still the same woman, but she has grown up. She got married, grew stronger and gained some perspective on life. For her Fall 2013 collection presented during New York Fashion Week, Barr returned to her roots—northern Wisconsin. Spending some time last year at her family’s

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Angel Sanchez Spring 2013 a Meeting of Architecture, Art, and Femininity - New York Fashion Week

It is evident upon entering the backstage area of Angel Sanchez’s Spring 2013 Collection presentation that his background in architecture has certainly played a role behind the construction of these pieces. Clean lines, angles, geometrical cut outs and bold color blocking meet a juxtaposition of

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